Sunday, December 29, 2013

Runs, Friends, and Instagram

Hello darlings! I've had quite the fun past few days - let's play a little catch-up, shall we?

All pictures are from my iPhone, as I'm obsessed with the camera on it - it takes almost better-quality pictures than my Nikon! (Hey you should be my friend on Instagram ;) Pretty please?)

Thursday morning: my favorite breakfast - Chai Spiced Pear Overnight Oats and cofffeee.

After a couple of hours, I headed out for a 35 minute run. I actually got sweaty on this one! Now that I'm pretty much over my cold, my runs have been feeling really good again! 

After my run and shower, I headed out with my sister and friend for a girls' day. We stopped for lunch at Chic-fil-e and then went shopping at all of the crazy holiday sales!!

After shopping around a bit, we walked around downtown Woodstock for an hour or so. It has a lot of cute coffee shops and boutiques to browse around in - I also loved the giant ornaments hanging on the trees!

We slept over at a friend's house that we were house-sitting for. She has two adorable kittens that were completely crazy and fun! I really miss having kittens - they were quite a handful in a really cute hyper kitten way.

We were supposed to be helping Sara study for the ACT buuuttt.....when you put 3 girls in a house together, not much studying is going to happen. Especially on break. Fact of life!

Even though we barely slept, Sara and I had to wake up really early to go take care of some dogs we were watching, and I was starving when I woke up. So breakfast was eaten in my lap, in my pjs, in the car - naturally. And of course I brought the ingredients for oatmeal. :)

We had to be home soon because my aunt and uncle were visiting, and I was greeted with this really amazing surprise:

It was a letter from my very best friend that I was in a recovery center with. We were the closest in age, and practically inseparable. I love her to pieces, and we used to write all the time, but kind of lost touch once our lives started "normalizing." It's been a good year since we've written each other a letter (and almost 2 years since we've seen each other), so I was sooooo happy to get this! Writing letters is such a unique and special thing - something about it makes you feel loved. It's a lost art.

It was also really nice to see my aunt and uncle - we had dinner and played poker together! I lost. :) But they gave us a couple of gift cards, one to Amazon - is it sad I want to spend some money on novelty nut butters?!

Still want this Wild Friends almond butter!!

Saturday I was up {relatively} early for a run with my friend!

We ran a great, easy 7 miles. I loved running outside of my neighborhood and exploring around. I live in a pretty rural-ish area, so there was a lot of pretty countryside scenery!

Can you see the bikers in the distance??

I refueled with Julie's Banana Bread Protein Pancakes and a chocolate almond milk.

Literally the rest of the day was spent lounging around - it was rainy and gross outside (betcha didn't see that one coming!!). I leave you with these adorable pictures:

Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. The kitties are soooo cute! I ate my oatmeal today in the car on my lap too :) All of your pics are so good! My phone takes better pics than my camera, lol!

    1. I know, they are soooo sweet too! And thank you - once the newness of the phone wears off, I'll probably go back to my camera. But it's really convenient to have the phone camera to be such good quality!

  2. Looks like you had an awesome weekend! Hooray for Instagram! I'm so excited to see pictures of your runs and oatmeal ;)
    I am definitely with you on spending money on novelty nut butters. We order from Naturally Nutty, and we can make a hefty dent on (my mom's) wallet. heh heh. I eat nut butter at least once a day though, so it's money well-spent!

    1. Haha I love Instagram! And oatmeal/runs will probably be my main Instagram feed, lol. I'm glad someone agrees with me on the nut butters - I've looked at Naturally Nutty too! And I also eat quite a bit of nut butter so that will definitely be worth my money. :)