Friday, August 29, 2014

College Stuff and Life

Hullo readers. Wait, readers? What are readers? (Just kidding love you mean it).

If you're reading this, I'm surprised I got a post up too! Yeesh. I promise promise promise that even though I'm not commenting much (sorry loves), I am definitely keeping up with blogs when I can! Other days, I just have to click that "mark all as read" button.

SOoooooooooooooooooooooo, life. It's been one of those  a couple of those weeks that I am go-go-go nonstop. I go to school, go home and study, go to work, get home and study, and go to bed.

Regarding school, I am now in college, baby! Dual enrolled, of course, but I am full-time at Chattahoochee Tech - no classes at the high school.

Good god I always look so awkward in non-selfies. How are you supposed to pose, how?!

Not gonna lie, even though I'm dual enrolling, I am definitely getting the college experience (academic-wise). I literally can't stress enough to people that I am not in high school at all, so I am getting all college work. I have been slammed with work from day one! Mainly from Anatomy Lab and Anatomy Lecture - when people say those classes are the hardest, they are absolutely telling the truth. Talk about an info-overload!

Studying at Starbucks...typical.

Not surprisingly, with work and stuff, most of my free time has been spent on school work. 

What's so crazy about it, is I feel so crazy blessed. I am loving this season in my life. Maybe it's because I'm such a nerd, but I LOVE school and learning. I am so grateful that God has provided me with the ability to have an education!

And A&P - gah I am so dorky, but I absolutely love learning about the human body. We're just getting into cell structure and cellular processes (aka the most basic of the basic in physiology) and it is sooooo fascinating. PS. chemistry still sucks.

I really don't know how to transition from that, but here are some other tidbits from my iPhone pics:

My friend and I seeing The Giver (SUCH a good movie, but definitely not entirely true to the book).

A beautiful walk after a brief rain-shower. So lovely, and the temperature was nice and cool!

I found another forest animal! This one was really sweet and ran right up to me. :3 How safe is it to pet animals you don't know.......?

ERMAHGERD this puppy. Her name is Nova, and she is a six-week old boston terrier. CAN I PLEASE KEEP HER?!!!!!!! (She is my neighbors').


A beautiful morning walk before school - I have got to do that more often. It was so peaceful starting out my morning with a walk!

Lillz. <3

 Also, I have approximately 8,000 pictures of food on my phone. It really is just a natural reaction for me to take a picture, even if it doesn't go up on Instagram or my blog. I realllyy need to do a WIAW soon...

Honestly, I've been more in an "eating to live" mode lately - I just do not have the time to be giving a lot of thought to food! *sniff* Although I do like having other things going on, what I wouldn't give for a home-cooked dinner, ya know?

Wow, that sounded sad. Ha! I just eat a quick 10-minute meal at work 5 times out of the week. Also, not much time for exercising either! Still taking it easy....some day. SOME. DAY.

Love you guys, and I really hope to be posting more on a regular basis! I am running out of ideas of what even to talk about, so if ya'll have anything specific you want me to elaborate on/a post idea, please feel free to give me a suggestion! Lord knows I need it.



  1. Full-time college?!?! Cray cray. You go girl! So do you even go to your high school or to the actual college?
    I totally know what you mean about naturally taking a picture of food. ME TOO. I have so many pointless pictures taking up memory lol! Loving all this food! What's in that english muffin type thing?

    1. I know!! I do not go to my high school (at all) unless it's for a senior meeting or something, and I do take my classes on the college campus. :)
      I just love the way food looks and I can't help myself!!! Haha. It's a whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter, honey, and banana inside of it. It was soooo yumz.
      Love ya girl!

  2. WAIT, WHAT?! You're in college? I think I may have missed something, but you go, Jess!! You're already learning about anatomy and physiology too? Dang. You're ahead of me!
    Oh my gosh, can I share the Boston terrier with you and your neighbors?! He'll be my own personal mascot at Boston University ;)
    Hope you rest well when you can, girl! All the best!

    1. I'm dual enrolling, so technically yes. I am enrolled at my high school (I am a senior), but I am taking those classes on the college campus, so I'm also in my freshman year of college. Basically I've started a year early! :) I don't go to my high school at all.
      Ummmm yahs you can, she is soooo precious. And it's totally meant to be since you go to BU! ;)
      Thanks, love! xoxo