Monday, September 1, 2014


Well, hullo there.

I hope you are all having a faaaabulous holiday! I know I am. I can't tell you how nice it was to sleep in (until 8:45)! I'm already excited for the nap I have planned later, too. ;)

I do work today, but not until the evening and until then I have FREEEEDDDOOOOMMM! Just kidding, I have to study. Pshya.

At this point in life, I am currently.....

Thinking.......about how it is NOT FALL YET. Here in Georgia, when it's still 95* outside and your AC is blasted on high, it's summer. Get away, pumpkin. Get. Away.

Green = not fall

Reading.......The Invention of Wings. I finally finished the Midwife Trilogy (sniff), and it's time for something a little more "dense." It's pretty good so far!

Watching.....New York Ink. Totally out of my element, but it's so addictive! I had to take a break from The Office, and this is an interesting transition. Ha.

Eating.....sooooo much on the go. I don't have time for a real, sit-down, mindfully eaten meal anymore!!! Besides breakfast, I am always eating something quick and easy. Think sandwiches and bars. Lots of bars.

Inhaled this in 2.5 minutes.

Stressing......about school, studying, and college applications. Yikes! I know I've said about 25 times that I am in college, but I will be transferring next fall semester (can you guess where I want to go? ;)

Wondering......about the direction this blog is taking. Hmmm. It doesn't feel so revolved around food/fitness anymore, so I'm gonna have to reevaluate! Also, I'm still planning that (long forgotten) "overhaul."

Wanting.......a new wardrobe. I have so many freaking clothes, buuttt I've grown out of a lot of them, especially in the boob and (especially x10) the hip departments. Haha!

Craving......watermelon and dark chocolate. But not together. Or maybe.....?

Loving.....bracelets. I've always loved bracelets, but I like the more "boho" ones, like leather or friendship style bracelets. Etsy has a really great selection, in case you're wondering!!!!!!! I haven't gone on a vacation (LIKE AT ALL, PEOPLE) since we went to NY last summer! I'm going crazy. I really really want to go to Disney World...maybe!!! :'(

I hope you all enjoy your holiday!!!!!!!


  1. I read The Invention of Wings on the way to Utah! So good. I love books that teach you about the past while still being really interesting! Aaaand are you talking about getting self hosted?!!? Because I would love to help with that :) I know what you mean about eating on the go - story of my life right now! I don't know if I'm okay with fall yet... I mean, it's cold here, but I want summer to last as long as possible!

    1. I've been trying to read it in my free time, and it is so good! And yes, I am THINKING about getting self hosted. Thinking. :)
      I can't believe it's already cold there! Ugh, I am still hot all. the. time. But it's better than being freezing in my book!

  2. I totally feel the "not being fall" thing. Everyone's talking about falling leaves and pumpkin spice lattes, and I literally break a sweat walking to my car. Yeahhhh, not at all fall-like. I've been eating EVERYTHING on the go. I rarely even have a chance to eat a meal at home anymore! It's crazy! We can do this girl! We CAN and WILL survive this year :) xx

    1. SAME HERE GIRL. Only it's when it's not super hot in temperature, it is ridiculously humid and muggy. Bleh.

      I knoooooowww! The other day, the only thing I ate at home was breakfast. Erg! And I agree, WE WILL SURVIVE. Love ya!