Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WIAW: Instagram isn't glamorous.

Mmmmmm. Hello there, gorgeous waffles. 

Yup. Look at that peanut buttery goodness. They look beautiful, right?! And they were pretty dang delicious. 

I posted the first picture on Instagram this morning, and it got me thinking about what Katherine posted on her blog yesterday. She talked about how what we see on Instagram, or even posted online is never ever the whole story.

 Yes, I admit, these pictures are really pretty. I've improved on my photography skills (specifically iPhone), and also my editing skills. But let's be honest, editing really isn't rocket science. 

So, I'm going to take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of what was going on behind my lovely Instagram picture.

Feast your eyes on this lovely doughy mess:

Yeah, the two (and a half) waffles that made it onto my plate were only out of four that made it out of the waffle iron in one piece. I made about 7 waffles. 

The reason being, is this was my first time making these specific waffles - they were made from oats and a banana and vegan sooooo I kind of expected some sort of mess.

Moving on - this is where the actual photograph was taken. 

Glamorous, right?

Also, here's the extra peanut butter that I left off for aesthetic purposes. I wanted you guys to be able to see the actual waffles.....

You betcha I dripped some on the table....

These are the actual finished product:

More peanut butter, cinnamon, and honey. Yeah, they still look pretty darn delicious, but tell me - can you really say these actually look like waffles? I mean they are drenched in peanut butter.

They've been microwaved like 5 times at this point because they sat while I cleaned up a bit, made my coffee, and took the pictures. 

As if that's not enough deception (I'm sorry my loves!), I actually ate these in the living room. Sitting on the floor.

With a cat sitting next to me....

Aaanndd watching The Big Bang Theory.

So. You think Instagram pics are glamorous?

Think aren't getting the whole story. Oh yeah, and all the while I looked like this:

This is probably the most real selfie of me ever. I literally rolled out of bed, and looked like this. I really don't care that you see my goofy face, bed head, lack of makeup, and pajama t-shirt. Because let's be honest, it's summer, and I look like this half the day holla.  

Whenever you find yourself wishing your food could look like so-and-so's, or you could be as pretty as that girl, just stop! It's not the whole story. 

(But the waffles really were delicious.)

Thanks for hosting, Jenn!


  1. Haha, I always have to microwave my pancakes and waffles in the morning after I take them on their "photo shoot"! Bloggers + Food + Camera = Cold Food ;)

    1. The microwave pretty much saves my food! Haha!

  2. This might be one of my fave posts EVA. You go girl!!! That part about microwaving them 5 times though... so true :) I'll admit, I always want my IG posts to look good but I never have something on the plate that I don't eat! How was the recipe?!

    1. Thanks girly!

      The recipe was eh. The two waffles that actually survived were yummy, but it's definitely got some tweeking to be done!

  3. Happy Summer!! :) Aw man I love this. The reality behind the picture. You are gorgeous even when you just get up! :) I hope you are enjoying your summer so far.

    1. Aww thanks Emily! And I hope you are too!

  4. THIS IS MY FAVORITE POST EVER! OH MY GOSH. Okay, I'm seriously so excited. I was planning a post similar to this, but I don't think I could top this. Even your non-glamorous photos are so gorgeous and real. And that extra peanut butter? That's the stuff that makes us friends :) EVERYONE needs more pb in their life (and on their waffles.) And that selfie? Girl you don't need to edit another selfie again! You're so incredibly gorgeous with absolutely no filter! It's summertime, and you look beautiful!

    1. Girl, you should do one anyways!! I would love to see it!

      Um, you can never have too much peanut butter. Ever.

      And thank you so much, lady! You are a beauty yourself!! :)

  5. I love this behind the scenes look! So awesome that you add the extra peanut butter afterwards. That's my girl!! ;)
    I let my food fall as it may usually…if it doesn't look good, then it just doesn't go up on Instagram. It may go up on the blog though, because hey, that's life!

    1. Hey, peanut butter is my lifeline soooo the more the merrier, right?! ;)

      So true! I'm going to try to be better about that! :) Hope you have a wonderful day, girl!

  6. Oh this made me smile :) . So much. I love that selfie! Natural photos allow the real beauty to shine through.. in my opinion at least. I mean really, why would anyone want to "change" something about themselves when each element together gives them their special character. And now I'm on a rant.. bummer.

    1. Why thank you!! :) So true, I totally agree with your rant. I've gotten much more chill about the pics that I choose to share simply because I am trying to embrace my God-given appearance! Haha!