Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thinking Out Loud

OMGeeeeeeeeeee I haven't put up a post in so long (read: a week) and so much has gone on and I have so many different posts planned and how am I going to get it all in because I have stuff to do the blogging struggle is real GAH!

Sorry, I had to get out a rant before I could put together a post. But for realz, I have so many post ideas running through my head, but every time I sit down to write (which is rare), I can't get everything out! Darn brain.

My tentative plan is to sit down and get them ALL written RIGHT THIS MOMENT. We'll see how that pans out. So just bare with me, mkay? Thanks babes!

1. I'm really hyper right now for some reason (can you tell?). Like, giddy. Maybe after a week of decaf, this coffee is overstimulating my brain???? Or am I just really happy I have the day off?!

2. *Closes eyes and inhales/exhales deeply* I will calm down. I will calm down.

3. I'm kind of having this sweets obsession at the moment. I blame working at an ice cream shop and smelling sweets all day. You would think that would make me tired of cookies/cupcakes/ice cream, but no.

4. Specifically the chocolate+mint combo.....'s a problem (not).

5. Sometimes I get home around 9, and it's still light out! I love it! Lately, evening walks have been my jam.

(I do always carry my phone/pepper spray with me).

6. Now that it's all warm humid, the fauna of my neighborhood have been making appearances. I have never seen these cats before the summer, and now I see them every time I walk the neighborhood! (Also, I feel like bats are gonna swoop down and attack my face in the evening - where the heck do they come from?!)

7. Speaking of fauna....bugs. Just bugs. Look at the size of this centipede (or millipede?!) Nastyyy.

8. I FINISHED SHERLOCK. I am still emotionally compromised and wondering what the heck I'm gonna do with my life at the moment. Maybe log off my Netflix account?! (Naaah.)

9. I am working on getting my driver's Plus, my permit expires in 2 days (I'm 17...), so I have to get that renewed to even get my license at all. Slacking at its finest.

10. Righty-ho, I know I sound like I lay around most of the day, which may be partly true. But in my defense, I do still go to work, and have been getting out and hiking! My love.

Aaannndd I have a summer bucket list post that I'm still working on that will keep me accountable. Woohoo! Hopefully that will be up by tomorrow!!

Love ya'll, and have an amazing day!!!


  1. Chocolate mint is one the all time best combination of flavors.

  2. I can't wait to see that bucket list. :)

    You need to get that license girl! ;) I didn't even know permits expired. Or that you could take driver's ed online.

    Man that is one big centipede bug thing. I have never seen one that size!! Cool picture.

    1. Ugghhh I know! My friends make fun of me when I tell them - haha! And online flat out sucks..

      The freaky centipedes are everywhere!! I like to joke that I live in the rainforest because of the humidity and giant bugs that live here!

  3. I sat down to write my bucket list post once... then I got distracted ;) but I totally know what you mean about having all these ideas then sitting down to write them and brainfart! I've been more lazy than normal (not sitting on the computer, just sitting inside/not working out) and I'm LOVING it. And okay, that ice cream pic looks professional!!
    Love ya!

    1. Hey - sometimes being lazy is being awesome, in my opinion. I feel that being lazy in the moment rests you up for being more productive later. Logical, right?!

      Thanks so much, dear! ALL of your pics look professional!! :)

  4. I can't even handle the size of that bug. Omg. I've gotten better at overcoming my feart of spiders, but bugs like that STILL creep me out. Thank goodness I live in Canada and we don't see them all that often. Eeeugh.

    1. I'm okay with big long as they don't touch me. BLEH.

  5. Drivers online!?! How does that work? I am getting old, and I'm yet to get my licence. There's so much else I'm more interested in putting time into..eep.
    This is uncanny: I have been on Jacobs decaf since forever, and just the other day I switched to regular! Weirdly enough, I am not experiencing any sensations. You're probably making up for me though, right ;) ?
    Oooh bats! I have one. Wait that's not right. I don't HAVE one per say.. but after one of them buggers flapped against my face at the stables one evening - I titled him Barry. They feel like velvet though you know. Not a bad thing.

  6. It makes me so happy to see that you have so much energy!! Yay for sunshine and smiles and energy!
    Boo for millipedes the size of wiener dogs. I seriously have no idea how you deal with that. I would cry.
    Sweets obsession—I'm with ya on that right now! Actually, all the time..