Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Roundup

Happy Monday Evening!

Today is super rainy, and I thought I'd pop in since I haven't posted since Wednesday.

We had a weekend full of errands. Starting with getting my hair done!!

Bangs? Check. Red? Double check. My hair stylist did a fantastic job. She's a trooper (my sister and mom also got their hair done)!
Afterwards we took a quick trip to Tarjay to pick up some activities for the kids I was babysitting that night, and Rue 21 so I could get my first "springy" shirt in honor of the gorgeous weather. :)
Mandatory Starbucks run.
The awesome weather + time change were amaazzziingg (and helpful for babysitting)!
The bro and I took advantage of it and hung outside for a little bit before I had to leave.
Twister + 65 degrees + bouncy balls = happy kiddos and happy babysitter!
Sunday consisted of sleeping in til noon (say what?!) and notesnotesnotes. Test this Thursday....
Afternoon chocolate euphoria.
And that night, more watching kiddos. That's why they pay me the big bucks, yo.
Lilly says adios!



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