Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Flurries

I can't believe this weather!

For Georgia, snow in March is a bit unusual. We normally start feeling some spring weather around this time!
Saturdays are not always my favorite, considering I wake up before everyone else. Me and the kitties are normally the only ones up for an hour or so. Boredom sets in quickly.

 Coffee helps.
I finally got some Sunbutter (!!). It's made from roasted sunflower seeds, and sooo delicious. Plus rich in minerals and the antioxidant vitamin E.
Breakfast was literally one of the best combos I've ever had!!!
 Plain Greek yogurt, Wheaties, mango, banana, and sunbutter.
The stars:
Mmmm. Mangos. Eaten while doing weekend homework (cough cough that may or may not have included a SpongeBob marathon).
After weekend chores, I bundled up for a flurry-filled walk.
Top bun hair = dire need of hair trim.
It makes me so sad when people say, "Ugh, I hate the cold" or "I wish summer was here, winter sucks." I actually prefer my walks in the cold - it makes me feel more awake and energized. Although I admit, I normally return home Jessica the red-nosed-chapped-lips reindeer chica.
The rest of my afternoon looked like this:
Gotta love interpreting poems and writing essays.
And some necessary relax time. I'm serious, people - if I don't have some alone time during the day....yeah, then you'd want to leave me alone. ;)  
My idea of relaxation always, always involves reading and nailpolish. FTW. I had hoped to bake some homemade granola bars, but that'll have to wait for another time!!
The good news: homework completed, to bed at a decent time! Nighty night, loves.

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