Sunday, August 26, 2012

(^^I couldn't think of a post title.)

Sooooo much for the posting more often. 

My bad.

I have just been crazy busy these past three weeks of school! I'm having a hard time balancing out school work with "Jessica time." I need to figure out a good system.

School has been exhausting. Good, but very tiring. I even slept in til 11 today - and boy did I need it! I feel much better after catching up on lost sleep. (Speaking of lost, I'm on the final season!! Ahh! What will I do without it?).

There hasn't been a whole lot of shenaniganizing going on 'round here, so you probably haven't missed much.

Well, except for me. :)

Things I'm looking forward to (and you too!):

  • Concert Saturday 
  • Seeing mah FRIEND (yayayayayay!!!)
  • BEACH!!

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