Saturday, August 18, 2012

Holy Homework Overload

Heeeyyyy there. 

Best recent picture I have. J can't have a normal pic to save his life.

I'm still here. Still blogging. Or at least trying to.

I have never before realized that school takes up so ridiculously much of my time.

Let's be honest here: Freshman year was a puddle jump compared to this year. Just rainbows and sunshine.

As of right now I believe that over half the students in the sophomore class are frantically flailing their arms to keep their heads above the 100 feet of stormy water that they're in.

Me included.

I really, really had it easy last year. Well, ahem, school-work wise.

Reflecting on my freshman year, I was definitely struggling. Mentally and physically. It was really tough! And adding school to the mix - in some moments it just made it that much harder. I struggled with being a painfully shy person, and dealt with a lot of deep hurts and insecurities.

But this year, I'm super proud of where I am. I've gushed lots about how far I've come and how much I've worked. I'm definitely a better place. Whoop whoop.

So here's the low-down of how school's been going thus far.

School-work level/homework: more than I've ever had. Really. I feel totally lame for saying this, especially thinking how last year I thought I was slammed every day. Uhm, no. Welcome to high school, Jessica.

I love all of the classes that I'm taking this year - they're all pretty much what I'm best at - social studies, writing, language, and science (I'm good at anatomy/life sciences.)

I hate to toot my own horn, but I will admit that I've always been a good student. Not exactly straight-A (I hate. Hate. Math and physical sciences), but really good in everything else. I like learning!!

I am in.....

AP World History. Holy homework overload, Batman. I'm glad to be taking only one AP class this year. Luckily I really enjoy history, and I have a good teacher!

Chemistry. I don't...I can't even....what???

Geometry. I took GPS this year, deciding to give myself a break (considering Algebra last year...coughcough), and I have to admit - it's soooooooo easy. Yes, I said it - easy (to my close know for a fact that that is an accomplishment in itself). Thank you LORD! No way I'm taking Advanced Geometry. I like making A's too much.

Healthcare Science II. Perhaps my favorite class. I love it. It's mah jam. (Or, in the words of That's So Raven, "JAY-UM!")

Lunch. Food. Yum.

Honors 10th World Literature. Lerv it.

Spanish 3. I would be taking Honors Espanol 3 this year, but they dropped the Honors program for foreign language! Ergh.

Schedule: Wake up. Wash hair. Towel dry/brush hair. Breakfast. Make up. Random things. School. Home. Snack/Television. Walk. Work. Sleep.

I lead an exciting life, friends.

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