Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Day

I know it's a few days past Thanksgiving, but we were experiencing computer troubles....again....

This time it wasn't my fault, I swear! Those of you who know me are aware that I'm not exactly technologically savvy (when I find out we have a project in school that involves even a little bit of technology, I have a mini inside-my-brain meltdown).

So yeah, both the desktop and the laptop are sick. It's annoying.

On the bright side, this is a thankful post because it's all about Thhhaaannnkkkssssgiving!!! Get ready for a blast of pictures!! ;)

The night before, the girls (me, mom, and Rebekah) were all up prepping away - chopping pecans and veggies, whipping potatoes, making pastry, baking brownies....there also may have been some ingredients spilled on the floor in the process.

Oscar enjoyed gazing at the food we were cooking - probably dreaming about getting some turkey!!

I made it to bed at about 11-ish - I was in charge of making a dessert; a delicious rustic pear tart. But, of course, I wouldn't expect you to think I created a perfectly baked tart the first time round.

Making the pastry from scratch initially caused me an unnecessary amount of anxiety - I was preoccupied by the fact that I knew everything needed to be properly chilled. I spent a good deal of time making sure that every ingredient was in the fridge right before I used them; what I didn't do properly was read the ingredients.

The first pastry ended up with 3 cups of ice water rather than 3 tablespoons. I wouldn't even call it a pastry - it was more like a sticky, liquidy, cottage cheese mess. Yeah.

Luckily I paid better attention the second time.

Thanksgiving morning we were up and at 'em at 8:00 to volunteer!! First time ever - a church was cooking, packing, and delivering Thanksgiving dinners. I was a tray-passer in the line. :D

 Mom, Reibs, Dad, and Papa (my grandfather) volunteered as well, but I didn't take pics of their name tags.

We were back at home by 12 and finished off the rest of the cooking - all we had to do was put everything in the oven that needed it! Everyone helped.

Grammy made the dressing......

Dad carved the turkey....

Reibs made the rum cake......

Juan mixed up some frosting......

I ended up being Reib's model for a minute or two.....

Of course my beautiful mommy was helping, as well.....

Oscar thought he would sit this one out. Probably for the best, as we would have most likely been weirded out if he had been helping with the cooking.

Our Thanksgiving "dinner" (eaten at lunchtime) had a delicious array of rolls, pea salad, Papa's cranberry sauce, and snackings of pickles, olives, and okra......

Mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole (made by moi), gravy and cornbread dressing (made by Grammy), roasted carrots and squash.....

and of course, turkey.

It was a deeeeelllliiiicccciiioooouuuusssss meal!!! Yummy yummy in my tummy. My faves = pea salad, squash, and sweet potatoes. The bomb dot com right there. Pshyes I went there.

Rather than falling into a turkey coma after eating, we went out about an hour later for some pics/a mini hike.

Preview of some pics snapped by Madre:

It was really nice - there was an old mill and a waterfall, and the weather was crisp and cool. We've already decided we're going back to explore!

Upon returning home, I got to have a piece of this beauty:

My pear tart!!!!!! Along with brownies and rum cake, both made by Reibs. Topped a la mode (or, rather - with whipped cream)

Followed by a loooonnnggg game of Balderdash. Hilarity most definitely ensued.

'Twas a fun, delicious, productive, and awesome day!

I hope you all had a great and safe Thanksgiving!


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