Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let the Tasks Commence

It's Saturday! Yay for the weekend.
Today marks the ending of my first week break. I haven't done much of anything, as afternoon naps and burying my nose in a book have been too enticing to ignore. It's because the weather is finally getting cold here! Snuggling up by a fire is happiness.
Also on my agenda? Outside adventures.  I love being outside when it's crisp and chilly - much more than I do during the summer. Humidity = no bueno. Am I an elf?? Finagling Reibs and Jonathan into braving the cold with me is no easy task, but I somehow get it done.
So I know I mention my sleep issues a lot, but it has in recent times become an issue again. What the heck? I can't tell if it's a legit insomnia/ physical problem, or just a mental thing. However, being a night owl + early bird gets things done if boredom doesn't set in. Productivity for the win!
And plans for the win! There are days when I absolutely refuse to let boredom take over my day. I have piles of fabric waiting to be sewn.....
Chocolate waiting to be eaten....

Books to be read....
Mats to be posed upon.....
And packing to be completed!!
Reibs, Jonathan, and I are heading over the river and through the woods to celebrate New Year's (2013?! Where are the time machines?!) with my grandparents on Sunday. It's been summer since we've stayed there last. Excitement!

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