Friday, April 11, 2014

Fabulous Friday

Bonjoooouuurrrr my friends! (Sorry this is up so late - most of you are reading this a day later than I intended. Darn you slow connection!!)

Ugh, I was so pooped after school today. TGIF!!!! Something in my sleep pattern is messed up - I've been having a cup of coffee in the afternoons, needing a nap, but staying up way too late because of it. Or maybe it's because I stay up watching the Big Bang Theory.

Also, I feel another cold coming on (noooo!!). Not surprisingly, it's screwed my energy levels up quite a bit.

SO I willed myself not to take a nap after school today, and have to consciously make sure that I am not a grouch, which can be more difficult than it seems. The two things that make me grumpiest: hunger, and lack of sleep. No bueno Jessica.

Anywho, I don't have much to talk about, but I felt bad about not posting since Sunday sooooooo I'm winging it. Smart. I'm feeling a Fabulous Friday theme because it's Friday and that's fabulous.

1. THIS WEATHER. Dudes, I cannot get over the weather, it is soooo fantastic. I have been outside every single day this week. Gah I love it!

2. Dis salad. Inspired by dis salad. Pretend the pic isn't sideways because it's late and my computer takes FOREVER to download pics and I'm tired and love you mean it.

3. The Being Human Finale! I'm not sure how many of ya'll watch it, but guys, it had a fantastic ending. It wasn't one of those finales where you're like, "What the crap?!" (HIMYM, anyone?), but everything turned out just...right. I cried so hard, not gonna lie.

4. Yeah, I know I watch too much TV, but people, The Big Bang Theory is where it's at. I know I'm totally late on the bandwagon, but I've never been interested in it until now. It's so hilarious! Maybe because I'm a nerd. :)

5. Starting my day with a green (or gray) smoothie! I've been making them with unsweetened almond milk, some sort of frozen fruit, spinach, and sipping on them while I make my "main" breakfast.

6. Spring fashion!!! Pinterest is driving me crazy! Need. All. The. Florals.

7. This yoga routine. I've done it a couple of times this week before bed, and it leaves me feeling so nice and refreshed! Plus it's been helping with my lower back pain (bad posture, holla). It's also beginner, so it doesn't feel crazy, but refreshing. I always forget how much I like yoga until I do it! (Btw, sorry the pic is so tiny!! But you get the idea. :))

8. Yes.

Well, that's all I've got - the forecast for this weekend is superb - you bet I'm hittin' up the trails!

Have a wonderful weekend, loves!


  1. So jealous of your weather - it's raining all weekend for me! :( I rarely watch TV. All I watch is the Pioneer Woman and food network haha! I just spend all my time on the computer instead:) All of those clothes are so cute!!!

    Have some fun on the trails!

    1. Oh boo for rain! :( I think it's comin for us this week, though....

      I used to watch the Food Network ALL THE TIME, but I've kind of gotten out of it. I like to watch Chopped and Cupcake Wars and that's about it.

      Thanks girl, and you have a good week!

  2. I've been doing this thing where I start a new book (or watching a new series) at 10 PM and refuse to put it down until the wee hours of the morning. My sleeping schedule is the shadiest thing right now. I'm really going to try to be in bed at 10 tonight AND ready to sleep. Anyways, besides our messed up sleep schedule similarities, I make the exact same type of smoothie. Lately mine have been SUPER green though. I'm not quite sure why, but I'm digging it! Also, Pinterest fashion drives me crazy year round. I need a part time job that pays $20,000 a week to keep up with my love of fashion. Pinterest makes me really greedy sometimes! I haven't been doing a ton of yoga lately, but I've really been missing it! I always forget how great it is until I do it. I'm on Spring Break right now, so I'm planning to do some tomorrow morning (that is, if I get to sleep at a decent time!) And choosing joy! I LOVE IT! I just wrote a whole post on happiness because I'm totally feeling the choose happiness idea! I hope you have a lovely week! Sorry for the super long comment. I got going and just couldn't stop!

    1. Girl I've been there done that with the whole "watching a new series til the wee hours of the morning" (I wasted a ridiculous amount of sleep watching Lost...).

      Same here, I have to monitor my thoughts on Pinterest cuz I get super jealous of everything!!! Haha!!!

      Woohoo get in that sleeping-in time, it's totally worth it!

      Yep, I lerv that quote. YOU choose how YOU feel, and YOURE the only one who does! Totally believe it.

      No prob, I love long comments - feels like I'm having a chat. :) You have an amazing week too, chica!