Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Muchas gracias, Jenn!

I took an unplanned rest day yesterday because I wanted to and that's the only reason. I love days like those. Sometimes curling up in my robe with a cup of coffee in hand is more what I need after school than sweat, ya feel me? Although today was a different story because I was craving a run/strength workout so I did that. Balance, people.

Sooooo I am like really late on the bandwagon here, but I wanted to give a tidbit of my opinion on a craze that has been circulating the blogosphere lately: healthy fats.

Healthy Fats: I freaking LOVE THEM! LIKE FOR REALLY!

I am so so so so happy that more and more people are embracing fats. Fats are fantastic. I really didn't start fully, truly embracing them for all their beauty until reading articles and posts such as thisthis, this, and this (plus many, many more). I totally feel spiel coming on, but promise me you'll take a peek at those links! Pretty please?

In short, fats do wonders for your body. Every single cell is composed of them (just think: your brain is mainly fats!), they keep your skin and hair healthy, they satiate you at meals and snacks, they stabilize blood sugar, regulate hormones, help absorb nutrients, aid in metabolism, AND TASTE YUMMY. Yeah dawg.

Breakfast: Overnight Oats {Vegan} made with rolled oats, almond milk, an apple, chia seeds, cinnamon, salt, vanilla, and poured into the last of my Wild Friends Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter container. :(

Lunch: Chickpeas mashed with 1/4 avocado, Greek yogurt, salt, peppah, a little bit of garlic powder, and lemon juice. Kind of like a guacamole/hummus hybrid? Mixed veggies and an apple on the side. 

Dinner: Stir fry of chicken thighs, veggies, and brown rice underneath. 

Snack: Banana Protein Mugcake topped with an epic pool of peanut butter. 

One thing I never thought I'd catch on to/buy: eating more saturated fats or dairy above 0%. Watery sugary yogurt? No thanks....Studies have been showing that saturated fats do not correlate with heart disease, or even have an effect on cholesterol, for that matter. (Hey, look! More posts!) Lately, Mom has been adding butter to our veggies when she stir-fries, and even to our rice or pasta. And you know what? It tastes friggin' delicious. And I don't think it's because butter is "naughty" - I think it's because that's how God created our bodies - we need those fats, we crave them, and when we eat them enough, we don't have to worry about "overeating" or "splurging" on butter. Butter=part of an every day, balanced diet.

Plus, doesn't it kind of make sense that we need saturated fats (think butter, coconut oil, high-quality red meat, and low to full-fat dairy) to balance out the unsaturated fats obsession America tends to have? We can't live on canola and olive oil forever.

Breakfast: 2% Mango Chobani, Cheerios, banana, and peanut butter.

Lunch: salad w/ boiled eggs, mixed veggies, lemon vinaigrette, an apple, and a KIND dark chocolate chunk granola bar.

Dinner: Pan-fried barramundi <---apparently a freshwater cod---with a lemon basil butter sauce, a sweet potato, and veggies cooked in olive oil and little bit of butter for flavor.

Snack: Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and banana. 

I also agree that it doesn't matter how many grams of fat we eat in a day, so long as it is eaten in balance. So obviously, I make sure to balance all of my fats with some form of carbs and protein to make sure I keep my body fueled most efficiently! I'd say I eat at least 6 servings of fat per day.

Breakfast: oatmeal (my crockpot oatmeal finally!!), topped with banana, blueberries/strawberries, chia seeds, and Sunbutter.

Lunch: Salad, a pita pocket with peanut butter, cinnamon, and banana, and an apple.

Dinner: Brown rice and veggies cooked with butteerr, and 2 scrambled eggs.

My favorite sources of healthy fats:
-Nut butters
-Olive Oil
-Coconut Oil (although I don't use it enough!!)
-Chia seeds

I think that the bottom line is, (like everything in nutrition), that variety is key. So long as you're making sure to get a variety of fats in your diet (along with your favorites ;)) you'll feel your best!

Remember: I'm not an RD, so obviously my opinions are my own experience and research. 

Have a fantabulous day, lovelies!


  1. Wow!! All of your meals look so delicious and nutritious!! Win-Win!! That kind bar looks different than the usual ones! YUM! I love love LOVE sweet potatoes!! YUM :) Thanks for sharing all your great eats with us!! Very motivating!

    1. Thank you Cailee!
      The kind bar is a new one that I found in the store - it's more of a granola bar than a fruit and nut bar. I really like it!
      Thanks again! Have an awesome day! :)

  2. Girl! Wild Friends Cinnamon Raisin is the BOMB! <3

  3. YESS! Hooray for fats! I'm actually having Irish soda bread with butter right now :) And I always have nut/seed butters of course. So glad to see how you incorporate the BEST (i.m.o.) macro into every meal and snack!
    Have a great day, Jess!

    1. Whoop whoop! Fats are the bomb dot com. I need some of that soda bread, it looked deeelicious!
      You have a great day too, girl!!