Monday, March 24, 2014

MIMM #........???

Eyyyooo! I haven't done a MIMM in a while (obvs, I don't even remember which number this is...6 or 7 maybe?) sooooooo I thought I'd shake up my Monday post with another one! Here goes:

Thanks Katie!!

Marvelous is.....a healthy breakfast sale at school!

Sis and oatmeal selfie

That's one of the big "projects" I kept mentioning about school - for National Nutrition Month, my friend Rachel and I decided to have a healthy breakfast sale!! We sold in our Healthcare Science room, and the reaction was really good from our somewhat...sparse turn out (haha).

We had oatmeal, toppings, Greek yogurt, granola, and fruit. Yum!

Marvelous is.....having a fun birthday celebration with my girls!

Abby on NCIS was creepin'......

Since we didn't have a birthday party, we just had a bunch of our friends over to hang out and have dinner. And just be weird. :) Cuz weird is awesome.

Marvelous is.....great runs in the warm weather!!!

Yuppers, I got the running fever.

Marvelous is....The Help.

I absolutely LOVE this book! This is the second time I've read it, and I've seen the movie at least twice. It's sooooo good, I really recommend getting it! Really heartfelt.

Marvelous is.....Reibs got her license!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I just need to start Driver's Ed........

Marvelous is....a fun church retreat!

I love bikes!

This weekend, we drove up to Blue Ridge with my (very small but growing) youth group, just to hang out, unplug, and have fun. We stayed up way too late, had fun outside games, played card games, didn't eat enough veggies, and way too much junk food. It was awesome.

I hope you're all having a Marvelous Monday - I'm about to go out on a long walk in the warm weather!!!!!!

Peace out peeps.


  1. The Help is such a good book! I loved it! My mom, grandma, and I all read it and then went to see the movie together, haha, good times :)

    1. I know, right?? That does sound like good times! My grandma (interestingly enough) actually had maids when she was growing up - she's from Columbus, Georgia, so that was what was common.

      Have a fantabulous day!

  2. Look at all of this marvelous going on!!!!! You seem so happy! I think it's SO cool that you had a breakfast sale. I totally would've came. Happy Monday! :) <3 :D

    1. Yuhhh chica!! (whenever I type "chica" I always type "chia" on Just trying to embrace the positive in life. :)

      The breakfast sale was really fun!!!! I can't believe I ate BEFORE we sold because I was always jealous of the people piling on the toppings...luckily there was leftovers!!

      Have an awesome DaAaAaY!

  3. The Help is one of my favorite books ever. I think I've read it three times!!
    I love your healthy breakfast project. That's something really awesome :) Too many people are completely uninformed on how to start their day off right!

    1. Same here (only I've read it two times).

      Thanks so much! It was really fun, and actually pretty easy to pull off. Everyone who came was really grateful for a healthier breakfast option!

      Have a great day!!

  4. Your sister's oatmeal selfie is so cute! And I LOVE The Help. I've read it like 3 times by myself and once aloud with my mother. And the movie! AH! I love your healthy breakfast project idea! Just eating breakfast (especially one that's healthy) can seriously revolutionize your day! I wish I went to your school! I would've loved to help and taste test :)

    1. Dang girl, that's dedication!! ;) I love the movie too, I thought it was very, very well written and cast.

      Thank you so much, I totally agree! I was so happy with the positive feedback - breakfast just makes the day better!

      Have an awesome day! :))