Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Warm Weather = Hot Oatmeal and Hiking (duh)

Happy Tuesday lovelies! How goes it?

I had a fantabulous weekend! Of course, any time with the sun shining is a great time for me. Especially after the Snowpocalypse!

I preach about how much I love winter, but I'm so over it at this point. I love being outside, so the warm weather made me a bundle of happiness this weekend.

Of course, hot oats still aren't off the menu.....

I had gotten out of an oat kick (remember my oat bakes/pancakes/french toast ordeal? Brief but definitely happened), but I'm totally back into them. It's still freezing when I wake up, so I guess it makes sense.

Saturday, my friend and I decided that it was the perfect day to hit the trails! Woo I have missed hiking so much!

I wore a pullover because there was a slight breeze, but I honestly did not need it. I got a little red-faced but refused to take it off because I didn't want to carry it!! I guess I could have just tied it around my waist....whoops.

I love doing active things with my friends! It's so much more fun doing stuff with a buddy! We hiked the trails for about an hour and a half, and I'd say we covered around 3.5 - 4 miles. My Garmin died 10 minutes in, go figure.

Sunday consisted of shopping, shopping...and more shopping. I didn't take any pictures because..well, I just forgot.

Oh hey I did find this one!

Seriously my life motto.

Aaanndd yesterday I began my 5k "training." I'm not really considering it training, because I'm not training in a traditional sense. I mean, I know I can run 3.2 miles without stopping quite easily. I just wanted to add a few runs back into my current exercise routine - which isn't really a routine because I just do whatever I feel like.

That's always been my preference anyways. So I'm being super flexible.

Anywho, the run was fantastic and the weather was gorgeous. Like, insanely gorgeous and I wanted to stay out there forever. And ever.

The first run on my "plan" was an easy 3 miles, plus strength. For strength, I did an arm workout that consisted of 20 reps each, repeated 3 times of:

Bicep Curls
Hammer Curls
Tricep Extensions
Tricep Kickbacks
Overhead Presses
Side Lateral Raises
Bent Dumbbell Rows

I upped the weight to (and please don't laugh at me if you lift heavy...I'm just a mere strength-training beginner) to 8lbs and I finally got some burn! Those 5lbs were not cutting it any more, and I was really happy to challenge my muscles. Believe me, burn was felt. Like, I could hardly lift my arms. Cha-ching.

And then for abs, Morganne's 300-Rep Workout:

25 each of:

Left Crunches
Right Crunches
Reverse Crunches
Bicycle Crunches
Toe Touches
Russian Twists
Scissor Kicks
V Crunches
Roll Ups
Single Leg V Crunches

Holy. Sore.

Today, I was supposed to do a circuit workout (I replaced the speed work for circuits), but low and behold - in the middle of third period, I got a terrible, terrible migraine. It lasted through lunch and into sixth period, when my mom picked me up.

Seriously, during algebra I had to bury my head in my hands to keep the light from making it worse, and to keep myself from throwing up/crying. It was for realz. I signed myself out, got home, promptly crawled into bed, and slept for 3 hours.

So yeah. Workout was not happening today. I looked up symptoms of a migraine, and I have no doubt that that's what I suffered from - it was so bizarre. There are also lots of causes of migraines, and I think mine was probably dehydration/lack of sleep. Clearly I still need to work on those two things.

^^^^P.S. That is precisely the reason I did not post my "training" schedule - because my life is so crazy busy and unpredictable at the moment that I'm sure I would not follow through with everything. It's kind of really frustrating for a gal like me who likes structure, but when everything settles down I'm definitely training for a 10k!

Gotta hit the sack! Have a lovely evening, darlings.


  1. Hiking with friends is so fun!! I love being active with friends. We ride bikes in the summer! Hope all is well girly!

    1. All is well, thanks Leigha!!! And riding bikes sounds like so much fun! I should plan on doing that! Have a fantabulous day!

  2. Oh I love hiking!! I wish it was less snowy/muddy around here so I could actually do it. Well, and Illinois is totally flat, so "hiking" is kind of nonexistent, haha! :)

    Oats+ nut butter= fabulous combo!! yums! :)

    I totally enjoyed your silly faces while working out. :D That is one crazy workout! wow! great job!

    1. Oh girl it is a TREAT when I find some flat land to run on. I feel like most of the flat running areas are totally man-made...where I live it's more like "rolling terrain" than mountainous. I would love to visit Illinois!!

      (Oats and nut butter for life....!!)

      Woo thanks girl! It was tough but I really enjoy strength training! Oh, and the silly faces were totally not on purpose...I actually make weird faces when I workout. Lol.

      Have a wooondderrfuull day!!

  3. I LOVE hiking! I live in South Texas, so it's really flat, so it's usually not as exciting as your adventures! The coolest thing thought is that we can hike to the Mexico border in just a few minutes. It's so weird to look at another country mid-hike! Oh, and as for the arm workout, I totally use 8 pounders. It really doesn't matter how heavy your weights are. After a while, you get the burn either way! No shame! I also don't really have a training schedule. This morning I woke up and felt like running 3 miles, so I did. If I had planned anything else, I know I would've done whatever I felt like doing instead. As long as I do something, I'm cool without a schedule! :)

    1. I would LOVE to visit where you live! Girl I just wanna travel, lol! I love blogs because I get to see a diverse range of homes - it's pretty awesome!

      That's so cool that you can just walk to the Mexico border - my mom used to live in Arizona and she could do that too.

      Agreed about the "burn." It does give a sense of accomplishment, no matter what weight I use!

      Training schedules and I have a love-hate thing. I've been trying to embrace a more "go with the flow" attitude because I get way too stressed when I feel obligated to run a certain day! You're right that as long as I get some activity in, I feel good whether it's a long walk or sesh on the stationary bike.

      Have an awesome day girly!