Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Next Level

I am

the next




Like seriously. I don't know how people do it. Some people train for freaking marathons, have a job, take their work home, have to run errands, and even have families to take care of - how, people, how?!

The past few days have seriously sapped my energy, and I'm trying really hard not to go crazy while attempting to catch up on rest - a lot of it is my own irresponsibility (erm...late bed times...), but a lot of it is the amount of......STUFF...I've been having to do! I feel like with school, practice, and other commitments I have, there are not enough hours in the day.

I'm also feeling a bit of a writer's block. I mean, right now my life is basically school, food, run, homework, and sleep, and that gets a wee bit redundant on the blog. I also have lots of ideas for "themed" or "discussion" posts, but I don't even have the time or energy to write them!

I suppose I'm just writing to apologize for the repetitive nature of the blog, and I'm trying to come up with ways to amp up the variety. I blog about my life, and that's what my life is about right now! I hope ya'll don't mind. ;)

So without further adooooo......I might as well tell you guys the workouts we've been doing that are tuckering me out so much. We're about to run our county meet this Saturday (!!), so the workouts have amped up in length and intensity. Oh joy - but I'm getting stronger mentally and physically.

Monday: Mile warm up; 4x1mi. w/ 3 min cool down; 7 min abs; mile cool down

Tuesday: 7 mile run - LOTS of hills. So many hills. HillsHillsHills.

Wednesday: Mile warm up; 4 sets of 5x200, with 1 min rest on set 1, 45 sec rest on set 2, 30 sec rest on set 3, and 15 sec rest on set 4; 7 min abs; .25 mile cool down

Thursday: 10 min warm up; 3x400 with 400 cool down; 30 min run; 4 strides

Friday: 10 min warm up; 6x200 with 200 cool down in between; 1 mile cool down

Saturday: Race! After many weeks of pretty good times and races, I officially had a bad race. My head was not in it, I was not feeling competitive or motivated, it was freezing, and my legs felt like jello lead from all the hard core practices this week. Luckily I had a lot of moral support from my team (and Mommy :))who cheered me on all 27 and a half minutes!

In other non-running news, I've just been doing school stuff and babysitting awesome kiddos. I'm loving all of my classes, and I think my favorites are a tie between Nursing Essentials, Human A&P, and Spanish 4. All have proved pretty challenging, and I look forward to them!

Hullo, pseudostratified columnar cells!

Some of the chicks I babysit:

In case you were wondering, I intentionally made a crazy face...

And my favorite breakfast lately, because my blog post would not be complete without a mention of my most favorite meal.

Mmmm....should I tell you the combo for this batch of baked oats? Yes? Okay!

Blueberry-Pear-Ginger Baked Oats. A bomb diggity combo - ahhh, I love autumn flavors.

Now it's off to the world of Target, babysitting, and then a sleepover! Peace.

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