Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Aaahhhhh guys this has been a crazy week, and I'm going to attempt to write this in about 10 minutes just to give you an update of what's been going on!

(I hate leaving ya'll hangin...mainly because I hate being left hanging by other bloggers (love you mean it). I just don't handle suspense well!!)

Starting with Saturday's went pretty well! My time was 27:00 flat, which was impressive to me considering my PR on a completely flat course was 26:30, and there was a pesky hill that I had to trek up twice during this particular race. Plus, the weather was perfect, and I got a pretty legit t-shirt. That's why we race, right? ;)

My hair after races....seriously?!

Speaking of perfect weather, when I say perfect, I mean perfect. That slight crisp chill of autumn, and not to mention these beautiful skies that I get to see every morning practice:

Did I mention I love running?!?!?! MAH!

Monday, Tuesday, and life has been practice, food, homework, food, sleep, repeat. Almost like every other day except when you throw in 2-3 hours of studying, reading, and note taking.

Bonus when I was eating food while studying!

Plus coffee, duh. Stimulates brain activity (or so I tell myself).

I'm off to youth group now, and this weekend we have a meet in Albany that I am PUMPED for. I can't wait for a road trip with my ladies!!!

See you Sunday!

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