Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekly Workouts

Happy Friday!

So I thought that since I've been running cross country for a month, I'd give you guys a peek into what life and training is like. It's another picture-lacking post, so please try to bear with me as I figure out the time and ability to take pictures!

I have practice every single day, and generally run both Saturday and Sunday unless we don't have a race, or I skip my long run (which I normally don't do, because they're my favorite). It's pretty exhausting, I'll admit, but definitely worth it. I think I'm finally getting my mojo.

Here's how my week looked training/fitness-wise leading up to a race:

Monday (Labor Day): We obviously weren't at school, so the team met at a park with a gravel path for our workout at 8am. Which is so much better than waking up at 5:30. Perspective.

We did our usual lunge matrix (a combo of front, side, 45-degree turn, and back lunges on both legs), and then proceeded to complete a 6-mile progression run. These are my favorite types of workouts because it means I can run for a while and set my own paces while pushing myself. Plus, it was cool and rainy (not drizzly - like seriously raining), and we were soaked by the end. It was nice to go home for the rest of the day, though!

Tuesday: Oh Lord. Guys, this was one of the most physically and mentally draining practices I've done so far!

Two words: hill repeats. OH WAIT, two more words: 86 degrees.

There are trails behind the middle school (which is right across from the high school) that we do our hill workouts on. I do not look forward to hill workouts - they are a struggle for me. Basically it's a rolling terrain with two big hills that you have to push yourself up, and it's really draining energy-wise for me. But it's to get stronger so I just make myself.

Anyways, two sets of four. Short, to the point. 8 repeats and 30 minutes in total. Yeah, there were "omg I might pass out or throw up or cry" moments frequently throughout. But what's done is done - we rounded it off with about 20 minutes in the weight room of arms and legs workouts.

Wednesday: To keep from getting wordy, I'll be a little more brief on this one: Wednesdays are our long sprint/track workouts, and our first morning practice of the week - we start our warm-up at 6:15am. I'm really straining to remember what we did. It's early. 

Oh wait! It literally just came to me - after our warm up, we started off with a mile tempo run (time was 8:36, which is slower for me), then did 20 minutes of alternating hard running and slow jogging for a minute each, and then ended with another mile tempo (time was 8:30 flat! Can't seem to get out of the 8 minute range). Zen off to zee locker rooms. I was really exhausted all day, probably from Tuesday's workout.

Thursday: Finally our easy day! We went on a mile warm up, because our coach was trying to trick us into thinking we were doing a hard workout. We ended up just going for a 30 minute easy run, then came back and did 4 strides (another favorite of mine), and then an ab workout (what do you know, another favorite! Makes up for hill repeats). By this point my makeup is normally running into my eyes and buuurrrnniiinngg.

Friday: Morning practice numero dos. Fridays are always easy, and this Friday was especially easy because the race was 24 hours later. We did a mile warm up, then 6x200 (with a 200 cool down) and then a mile cool down run. We finished up super early! More time to get ready, yo.

So there you have it! Saturdays are race days, and Sundays are long runs for 60-70 minutes at an easy peasy pace. Muy bien.

I've got some more posts up my sleeve, including my race recap that will hopefully be up tomorrow, and my WIAW poooooosssttt. Yay-uh.

Happy weekend, darlings!

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