Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Lazies...

Bonjour, mes fleurs!

So I knoooww I left you with a pretty heavy post yesterday, but hey, I really really felt the need to be honest.

But fear not, I had a great Labor Day weekend and I hope ya'll did too!

Saturday, the varsity guys and gals headed out for a race (one of the perks of being on JV....not competing in all the races), so I planned a long run in replacement. I woke up at 7:30 and headed out....

An hour and 6 miles later, I arrived home happy happy happy. It was really nice out, I ran without music, so it was just me, nature, and my thoughts. Long runs are mi favorita!

Raahhh why does my hair never stay semi-flat like this at practice?!

Upon return, I toasted myself a bagel and topped it with a shmear of almond butter, a drizzle of honey, w/ a banana and teacup of magically delicious coffee. Do you see the smile??

I had a few appointments to knock out (nutritionist and hair), and munched on this baby Clif bar plus some trailmix mid-morning. I think the baby bars are so cute!

Mom had some errands to run while Reibs and I got our hair done. It took two hooouuurrsss, but my bangs are no longer a shag and my hair isn't tri-colored anymore! Whippee!

Mommy brought Chic-fil-e that I had along with snow peas and carrots. :) I'm always prepared!

Annndd when I got home I did...nothing. Actually, I knocked out like 5 episodes of Under the Dome because I've been way behind because of my busy craziness. 

Sunday I had to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed around 7 because Reibs and I were helping volunteer at my church. 

Overnight oats in a sunbutter jar yayayayayay!

Sorry for the gross iPod pictures. Even an iPhone would be better than an iPod (touch).

And the rest of the day pretty much proceeded like Saturday. I got through another two episodes of Under the Dome, and man is it getting suspenseful! I actually cried a little bit in the end of one! It reminds me so much of Lost because of the mystery/suspense of the plot line, and when it seems like one question is explained, another is raised. Jessica like.

Monday I had morning practice, which we did in the pouring rain. It was a progression run, meaning we start at an easy pace, and cut 30 seconds off our pace for each mile. The last mile should be race pace, and we did this for a total of 6 miles, including a last cool down mile. I think the rain made it more enjoyable, honestly. Unlike the impending hill workout I know we have tomorrow.....

Anywho, I refueled with another bagel and banana. Recycle photo, for the win!

The rest of the day was homework filled, mostly A&P worksheets that I didn't finish in class. 

Oh oh oh! And I made my friend cupcakes for her birthday. Homemade frosting, yuuuumm. 

Adios amigos! 

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