Saturday, January 5, 2013

Resolutions 2013

I admit, I'm a little behind with all the holiday posting. Better late than never!
Let's talk resolutions. There are a lot of opinions about making resolutions, and I have to say, I actually really like them. I love making goals and achieving them - hello, to-do/check lists!
Therefore, January is one of my favorite months - not only for the cold, wintery weather, but the spirit of new beginnings and fresh starts.
I think that the most important thing about creating resolutions is making them realistic, achievable, and uplifting.
It took quite a bit of thinking for me this year to come up with my resolutions and goals. The past two years have been completely, totally centered around all things recovery. I have had hardly any goals but to "recover."
This is certainly not a bad thing, and definitely necessary for the majority of the time, but now I think it's time to move on and make recovery just one part of my life. I'm tired of it being in the spotlight. To make goals realistic/achievable, I think they need to be more like small changes every day to make part of your lifestyle. Also, changing the tone and message of resolutions makes them more uplifting, therefore more motivating, therefore more realistic. (Observe: "This year, I want to be healthy for me, so that........." rather than "This year, I want to be thinner so that I can look prettier because.....")
Hence, my main resolutions:
1. More for God
The Bible clearly states in many chapters and verses that the more you focus on God, the happier you are. That's just the way God created us. If we invest solely in Him, then there is nothing else to desire. We have His love.

examples: Study His Word, devote more time to rejoicing and thanking Him, etc.
2. Do things I've never tried before

examples: rock climbing, trying sushi (okay, I have done this, but it's been forever)

3. Get my Pinterest things done

I've got an extensive list of recipes to be cooked/baked and crafts to be completed - I can't wait!

I think that these are perfectly reasonable and achievable resolutions and goals - I'm pumped to get started!!!!

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