Sunday, January 27, 2013

don't forget self-care. really.

*Note: This was written on Friday, and not posted until Sunday*

Three day school week...holla!
Whew. This is definitely a much much needed break for me. I actually walked out the door before my sister told me no schools were open. Thanks Reibs. God knows how to bless with the little things!
Does it really look unsafe to drive out there??
After a week of being gloriously unproductive (plus occasional boredom...) this week, albeit short, has been nerve-frying.
Brain = kaput.
Basically my week round-up consists of hibernation, studying, essay, more studying, tests, quizzes, did I mention studying yet?, a less than satisfactory visit with my therapist*, sleep deprivation, and a charming mental breakdown.
All on epic proportions. Yeah.
You see why self-care is so important? I tend to forget that until it's a wee bit too late. Therefore the end of the week was committed to squeezing in some things that I actually enjoy.

One can only guzzle so many caffeinated beverages, friends.


Ah, the bike. Are you supposed to love it or hate it?
Also, getting in some yummy eats always helps. Fueling + regulating sleep patterns = muy bueno! My snack at night either gives me super-energy or knocks me out. Yesterday happened to be the latter.
I made pumpkin baked oatmeal on Monday - so good. Reibs likes it too! Yay for fast food. :)
YAY for pomegranate season. Another thing to go on the list of reasons for why I love winter. Something about them makes me feel so fresh and energetic.
I cracked open some Christmas Blend we've had for a month...mmmmm. I'm on my third cup - yeah, it's one of those days. I'm pretty sure this helped me trek through my AP test (which I had to take at home).
And the last of my dark chocolate peppermint bark. :'( Sniff sniff.
I am really looking forward to this weekend. I've got a fancy shmancy sweet 16 to go to (Dress! Heels! Woo!), sleep to catch up on, and some overall relaxation!
Have a wonderful weekend week!

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