Thursday, January 3, 2013

Koi Fish in the Pond

Hey, hey! Happy 2013!
Sorry for being MIA for a couple of days - I've been spending some time with the grandparents, plus there's a cold circulating around the house. Yuck. I feel much more improved than a few days ago, I'm just a little hoarse, but I'm pretty sure that I gave Rebekah my cold. :( Sorry!
Cough drops and tea have been our best friends.
 Rebekah's homemade tea bags!!
I'm so sad that the holidays are coming to an end!! A lot of people that I've talked to are mostly relieved that the stress of the holidays is ending, but I miss all the excitement and spirit. And I didn't even get to watch "Barbie in the Nutcracker"! Couldn't Christmas just last a little longer?

 Speaking of Christmas spirit, we had some late gift-giving when we got to Grammy and Papa's house. More extending of the holiday season!

 Received: Kindle. Verdict: Obsessed. How is it that most of my books purchased were featured on Oprah's Book Club?

(Reibs also got a Kindle, and Jonathan got a new sweatshirt and some money. He is officially richer than me.)

The rest of the week has been pretty mellow - I love it. My mom recently told me that I'm the child who deals well with "quietness." As in, sometimes I much prefer entertaining me, myself, and I (see: drawing, reading, painting, cleaning, baking, etc etc. Not much socializing going on there!). Introverts, unite.

I also just love spending time down here (see: South Georgia). We spend a lot of time outside, reading, and playing games. Two hour run-through of Apples to Apples? I think yes.

Plus, I do believe I have received my coffee-addiction genes from my mom's side of the family. Nobody understands like Grammy! Although Dad is a close tie.....

 Indeed, it was 4:06 p.m. when I brewed that coffee. It was decaf!

Grammy is an incredible painter, and yesterday she pulled out her watercolor paints and brushes for me to use - something I haven't done in a looonngg time. I have acrylic and oil paints at home, but I never feel comfortable with them - I just don't enjoy them as much as graphite and charcoal. There's something about the technique of blending and layering the colors that I'm just too impatient to perfect.

But watercolors? By far one of my favorite mediums. Watercolor makes me happy.
Paint ALL the things!


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