Monday, December 22, 2014

Weekend Shtuff

Hellllooooo my friends!

Okay, so my time frame is completely messed up, because I definitely thought that today was a Saturday....even though I went to church yesterday? Oops. Sooo my "weekend" post is up later than I intended, but oh well!

Saturday was the absolute last day I wanted to spend on Christmas shopping, so my Mom and I had a "girls night" after work so I could finish up everything. I got stuff for my sister, Dad, and friends, and I'm super pumped for them to open their gifts. :) I also bought myself a treat!

 I discovered this album through Pandora, and love pretty much every song on it. I hope that they come out with another album in the future, because I would totally get it!

Also, I totally misled you guys about Imagine bad!! Evidently, their new album was only released for PRE-ORDER - the actual album won't be out until February! Boo. Sorry, guys.

I think I'm finally finding what my taste is in music, and while I love the more alternative sounds, I have to admit that Taylor finally won me over....I was definitely shaking it off the other day.

You win, Taylor. You win.

While decorating the Christmas tree, I found this gem:

This was a gag gift from my mother - hula dancing Siamese twin alligators. Quite disturbing.

Sunday, I got up and "worked" at church. I'm a regular volunteer, and I was filling in for someone who couldn't make it. We're a fairly new church, so we don't have a permanent building yet (but we're in the process), and we have to set up every Sunday. I also worked with the preschool kids.

It's the week of Christmas, so of course I had to create a Nativity scene for the kiddos. I was more impressed than they were!

After church, Dad an I hit up the grocery store because my sicky Mom couldn't make it all week. Let's just say I'm happy to have some groceries in the house finally!!

And this morning, my family and I got up to volunteer for a Salvation Army program called Angel Tree. It was a great experience to help provide families with Christmas presents, and it made me think about how fortunate I am.

AAANNNDDD as if this post isn't random enough, here's some eats from the past week or so:

"Just Salt" popcorn while watching Bones. Does anyone else shove as much popcorn as they can in their mouth at once? I do without even realizing what I'm doing!! Or maybe it's just me...

Kisses! Dark chocolate will always be my fave. 

Smoothie made with a "smoothie bag" my sis made and put in the freezer - this one was blueberries, cherries, pomegranate arils, and spinach. With toast+almond butter+honey+cinnamon. 

Chocolate chip cookies (+ a half) and coffee. <3

Kodiak Cakes with pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg turned in+banana slices+almond butter+maple syrup. I take my pancakes very seriously.

No idea why this is sideways, but it's too good not to share! It's green beans, onion slices, and red peppers sauteed in olive oil+salt+pepper+some balsamic vinegar stirred in for flavah! Served with brown rice and sauteed chicken. 

Soooo that was enough food for a WIAW, but whatever. 

Although I'm still trying to stay failry balanced, my food philosophy for this season is polar opposite (see what I did there? Polar? Because it's cold?) from last season - in fact, I'm pretty much going against any healthy living advice for the holidays. 

This is absolutely not to say that I'm going to gorge myself with food - but what I am doing is not stressing. I have hardly been exercising, and I am totally enjoying all holiday treats without guilt. Will I put on a few pounds? I have no idea, and I don't really care. Like at all. I am finally just enjoying the holiday season without over-thinking, or "healthifying," or working out to compensate. 

Anyways, spiel over. I hope you all have a marvelous week, and if I don't see ya'll tomorrow or the next day, have a very blessed and very merry Christmas! Loves youz. 


  1. That penguin mug is adorable! My mom would love it, hahaha!

    1. He's so cute! I bought him at a dollar store, along with a Santa to keep him company. :) Have a Merry Christmas, darling!

  2. I admire your mentality toward this time of year so much!

    1. Thank you so much! Your delectable cookies inspire me. Have a Merry Christmas!!

  3. Yay! So happy and so proud of you, Jess! ♥
    I love that you take your pancakes seriously. My kinda gal.
    And the Nativity scene looks very adorable!

    1. Girl your breakfasts inspire me, and I must live up to that expectation of myself. :) Haha! Love ya!

  4. <3 your mindset so much I'm in the same boat - I'm packing down ALL the cookies and only doing the exercise I have to (bball practice) and I don't care if I put on a few pounds.. it will make me warmer when I go outside! <3 you so much beautiful!!

    1. Yay for cookies!!!! And totally true about being warmer - it's much needed during Polar Vortex weather. :) Love you too chica!!! Have a Merry Christmas!