Friday, December 12, 2014

Lots of random updates for you!

Hey girl heeeeyyyyyy.

Did ya miss me?! I know I ask that after every long-delayed post (which has been like...a lot over the past few months), but I like the validation of knowing I'm missed. I'm vain.

I know all my fans were probably wondering "Where did Jessica go, did she die? Is she okay? Will the internet/blogosphere ever be the same without her?!" and my simple answer to your existential crisis happened! 

(Obviously I need blogging back in my life to check all the drama and creative juices I have stored in my brain...yeesh.)

Yes my friends, life over the past few months has been downright cray-cray, with school, getting super sick a couple of times, working, finals, and Disney World haayy. (I CAN'T HANDLE MY OWN DRAMA RIGHT NOW.) 

Dual-enrollment has been the greatest/most stressful decision of my life thus far. YES it's real college and I will never be able to stress this enough to people. I am fully enrolled in my local college and I have a transcript from there! Luckily I passed my first semester with all A's (whoop whoop) and that also means I passed high school, so that's good to know. School is always prioritized above the blog, so sorry about that. But my work paid off. :)

Also, I got accepted into my top college choice!!! I'll be transferring to the University of West Georgia for my Fall 2015 semester. So excited ya'llll.

Thaz about it for right now, I am about to head off to work. I'm off for a month until next semester so you can expect some more blog posts from your favorite person. ;)

Toodles! (The dramatics never eeennnddd....)


  1. Sounds like life is going fantastic for you right now, which makes me beyond happy! Congratulations on the acceptance. :)

  2. Congratulations sweetheart! So exciting! I know how good it feels to get accepted to your top school ;)

    1. Thank you!!! It's pretty amazing, I have to say. :) Love ya!

  3. I miss you but I totally understand how crazy life can get!! Congrats on getting accepted!! Not that it's any surprise :)

    1. You're too sweet! I've missed you too, chica! Hope all is well! :)