Sunday, February 8, 2015

Day in the Life - Weekend+Work

Howdy hey! I thought I'd do a day in the life post because 1). I'm nosy and like seeing what people do all day, and 2). I'm guessing you're nosy too and want to see what I do all day?? Hopefully, because then we can be friends and be nosy together!!

This was my Friday, which pretty much counts as my weekend. I also work on weekends soooo here you go!

8:30 - Wake up without the alarm clock! I slept in 30 more minutes than usual...I should not have stayed up so late, though. (<---I tell myself this every. single. morning. and it never changes. Old habits die hard.)

9:00 - Eat breakfast - this morning, Kodiak cakes+apple chunks+peanut butter+cinnamon. And like 3 mugs of coffee. Eaten while watching Grey's Anatomy - because weekend breakfasts should be in front of the television, amiright?

9:30-10ish - Catch up on blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, emails, etc.

10ish - Decide on a workout for today - I did Courtey's "Feel the Burn" workout. She said it was a doozy and OMG she was right. My heart rate was up after the first set! I did it in the living room while watching Elementary.

Okay, sorry for the awkward/disproportionate angle, but I wanted to show you this new tank top I got from TJ Maxx! I have another one in gray and I love them, plus, they were only $10. Me gusta.

10:30 - I end up taking a walk because it is such a nice day outside. It's supposed to be nice all weekend!! Yay!

Whenever I'm walking, I always get super deep thoughts about my life and random stuff that doesn't even matter. Does anyone else do this? I'm just alone with my thoughts, I guess! This is basically what I think about:

That was a good episode of Grey's. I hope April and Jackson stay married. They had better stay married. I want to get married. I want a husband. But I'm not even in a relationship. I'm still so young. When will I meet my future husband? How will we meet? Will it be love at first sight? Will we be friends before that? What if I meet him this year - what??! Nope no not ready nope. I'm not ready to settle down. The world is my oyster! I want to travel! But I want a stable job. But maybe in a different city. New York City. But I love Georgia. But I love New York. Can I just stay here with my cats forever? But in my own house, because I need independence. But I love my family. I'm not an adult. I'll be an adult soon! WHAT?! 

Ah, teen angst.

11:30 - Start writing up this post, and get ready for work.

12:15 - Make/inhale lunch - I have to go with my mom to pick up my sister's car, and then get to work by 1.

1:00-6:00 - Workiiiinnngg, I had a long day, and it was kind of stressful. You'd think working at a froyo place would not be super stressful, but it has its moments...haha!

Random snack eaten some time in the afternoon:

6:00-7:00 - Go to Target, and spend entirely too much time there, as well as entirely too much money on treats I didn't really need (except the mascara) - oh well, today was pay day. :)

7:15ish - Dinner! I was starving and probably should have had another snack, but I was so busy at work I didn't even think about it. Whoops.

This was baked chicken with some sort of honey mustard sauce/marinade/something - it was sooo good! Kudos to Mom. Also a baked potato and some stir-fried veggies. Yumz.

8:00-9:00 - School work. I had to finish up some stuff for government and start a project for anatomy- good stuff.

9:00-10:00 - Lounge around, do my chores: unloaded the dishwasher, cleaned my room, started some laundry, etc. Mom has bronchitis (again..), Rebekah and Dad are out of town, so I had to pick up some slack around the house.

10:00 - I decide I'm hungry and make a snack. This is a mugcake thing that my family thinks I'm crazy for liking but I know some of ya'll would appreciate!! I basically take 1/3 cup of Kodiak cake mix, half of a mashed banana, a sprinkle of cinnamon, (and sometimes some vanilla protein powder, but I ran out last week!!). I add a few tablespoons of water, and microwave it for 2 minutes, and then top it with White Chocolate Wonderful!!!!! It's literally a pancake in mugcake form, what's not to love?!

10:00 - Watch Call the Midwife on Netflix! I'm so happy that Season 3 is finally on.

1:00am - .....3 episodes later, I finally decide I should go to sleep. What can I say, I'm a night owl!!! It probably took me another hour or so to fall asleep after that.

As you guys can see, I have a very very very normal, boring life, but I love it. I'm hoping to get another day in the life done on a school day!!! Love ya'll, and have a beautiful Sunday!


  1. I have no idea how you go to bed so late! Haha. 8:30 and I am out!

    1. Who knows!! I just don't get tired until super late! I wish I could fall asleep at 8:30...

  2. I know i'm a little late commenting on this post, but i too am nosy as anything and love reading "Day in the life" posts or watching vlogs on youtube hehe :) Hope your mom feels better soon and it's good to see that you're doing well :)

    p.s. what's in that lunch wrap? looks yummy and i'm always looking for new lunch ideas :)

    1. I love vlogs too! And I will let her know that she has some well-wishes. :)

      My wrap has turkey, avocado, shredded carrots, spinach, and red bell peppers in it. It was so yummy!!!

  3. I am nosy too so yes, I love these types of posts! Thank you for sharing Jess! AH! A fellow Grey’s lover. Are you currently caught up? I would love to hear your thoughts on the show. Sidenote: April is actually my neighbor back home in Los Angeles and she is one of the sweetest people I have met! Your top is really cute! And for $10? Makes it ten thousand times cuter. And hey missy, I personally believe there is no such thing as TOO much time at Target. I love Target so so so much. Thanks for sharing some insight into your day :) PS: this is Julia from Lord Still Loves Me! Not sure if my name is going to show up!