Monday, January 12, 2015


Hello, my friendlies!

So I know I slacked with the whole posting thing last week, but eh - nobody's perfect. Plus, I was doing lots of fun stuff that I get to talk about now!!

First up, we took our bi-annual trip to Whole Foods (I kid you not, that's about how much we go. But we love it every time!).

I am just in love with the produce section. Dat produce doe.

Look at this banana! What the heck?! Are pesticides stunting non-organic banana growth or something?! This banana was the size of Rebekah's radius. If you don't think that's long, take a look at your forearm - it was HUGE (but your forearm is beautiful).

Also, this trailmix. Gimme.

I've also been cherishing my precious time with my friends before I go back to school - which is tomorrow. Oy friend slept over and we treated ourselves to ice cream, candy, brownie bites, and How to Train Your Dragon 2.

'Twas a wonderful night to say the least!

I've been fueling with oatmeal for breakfast exclusively for the past few months. If it ain't broke....

The weather has been all kinds of WEIRD, so when it was warm, we headed out for a quick walk. It was a freaking gorgeous day - I love living in Georgia.

On Friday, my sister, friend, and I headed to an adorable tea house for lunch. It's called Tea Leaves and Thyme, and it's been there since I can remember!!

Excuse my horribly fake smile - I don't know what was up with me! Haha.

You get tea along with your lunch - we chose an apricot (white?) tea, which was heavenly.

Reibs ordered tomato basil soup that was amazing, and I got a salmon salad that was okay. I need to branch out more with my restaurant choices, ha!

However, our entrees came with mini scones made in the restaurant that are. to. die. for. It only came with three, and all three of us were scheming to take the other's. I seriously dream about those scones...

School stuff is finally figured out, both for this semester and when I leave for UWG in the fall. I have alternating moments of "I am so excited and can't wait!!!" and "Holy crap, I can't leave, I won't survive!" I'm registered for orientation, applied for scholarships, and have a room and roommate! Help.

In other news, I am finally adding in some different exercise, and I am soooo excited to be able to. I am so blessed with how far I've come, and completely in awe of God's goodness and sovereignty. It seems odd, but I know that He promised me there would be a day where I could exercise in a "normal" mindset once again. Whoop whoop!

I'm pretty much keeping cardio light and short, and adding in strength exercises, yay!!!! Me like.

However, there's kind of a catch. For nearly 9 months, I've done nothing but walk. Like, not even yoga (because I practically hate it - sorry, my lovely yogis! Just not my cup of tea). So my endurance and muscle tone are considerably lower than what they used to be. Also, my motivation levels are no where near what they used to be.

I didn't think I'd have to deal with lack of motivation, to be honest. It's mentally been weird for me. Like, I have this freedom now, but part of me is still a bit hesitant. But I do have a plan, so we're going to see how this week goes.

Lastly, I'm going to have to be super intuitive and aware of my body's limits despite the fact that I have a "plan." I'm sure it's mostly going to be trial and error. For example, my legs are freakishly sore from doing my first leg workout since March 2014, even though I did it two days ago and took an entire rest day yesterday. Also, my right bicep/elbow are killing me, probably from the arm workout I did. Both of these have led me to rethink what I had planned for today - I need to wait and let those hurt a little less before I stress them even more.

I don't mention that to over-analyze the situation, I know that it's totally normal after a long time of resting (which was fantabulous), I just wanted to let ya'll know that it's okay to deviate from a "plan" by listening to your body - because that's what's important. At least for me.

I know the transitions in this post were kind of nonexistent, but I had a lot to catch you up on! :) I hope you all have a maaarrrvveelous Monday!!!!!!

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  1. Oh man I don't get to go to Whole Foods that often either, so I totally get you. I love your ideas for the new year and a new mindset. I'm so proud of you and UWG! I still don't know where I'm going, but I'll let you know once I figure it out :-)