Monday, November 18, 2013


Buenas lunes, mis amigas! (o amigos..)

How's your Monday going?! I'm actually happy it's Monday. It was a looonnnggg weekend let me tell you. And I am deprived of many pictures (except my breakfasts and cats, go figure). BUT marvelous things happen every day. :)

Marvelous is............ oatmeal on a freezing morning! kitties! I haven't mentioned them on the blog in a while, so I thought I'd give you an update on their cuteness.

......Imagine Dragons. I'm officially obsessed with all of their songs!

.......Lauren, aka The Oatmeal Artist. I spent like 2 hours browsing through her blog, no joke. I'm obsessed and want to make every single recipe - her gorgeous pics make me drool. Maybe her blog should be The Oatmeal Genius?

.......bonfires. My cross country team had a bonfire party on Friday, which was so much fun! It was fun getting together, eating s'mores, and making fun of/laughing at looking at photos of the races. I got really nostalgic and sad and happy at the same time. (But really, running pics aren't attractive). 

Uhm, case in point. And other runners, don't judge, I know my form is less than stellar. I look like I'm power walking..?!

.....seasonal bar flavors!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This may or may not be only half of my stash. Or only a quarter.

.....Disney World! It's official, we're venturing to the happiest place on earth next September! EXCITEMENT.

......annual family pics. We did them a little earlier this year, because the weather was soooo gorgeous. Here's a few sneak peeks:

Have a great Monday!!

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  1. I'm going to an Imagine Dragons concert with some girls from my team!!! I LOVE THEM (: Your kitties are too cute!! And I need to get my hands on that Z bar and those Lara bars ASAP!