Saturday, February 2, 2013


  1. I always have polish on my toes. No exceptions; even winter. There's just something about my toes being bear that makes me feel....bleh. Nailpolish has the power to brighten the day.

2. If for some reason I end up being a crazy cat lady, I'm pretty sure I'd be okay with it. No judging; cats are nicer than people. Sometimes.

3. I have random unfinished art projects and half-learned piano songs all in my room. Combining ADD, lack of time and patience, and procrastination allows this to be possible.

4. I get obsessive about books, movies, and television shows. I develop this overwhelming attachment to the plot lines and characters, and I totally feel like it's real life. No shame in weeping when the Flight 815 people reunite, sympathy for Frodo, being in love with Mr. Darcy, and wishing I could actually attend Hogwarts.....

  5. Mmmmm. Chocolate.

6. I love writing. Obviously. But I also love handwriting; no idea why. In school, I prefer old-fashioned handwritten notes to printouts, and I also like handwriting essays and such.

7. I have watched more SpongeBob and Adventure Time in the past month than I had in my entire life up to that point.
8. Reibs and I (okay, mostly me) take hundreds of thousands of millions of selfies. Some cute, some....notsomuch.

9. I hoard bars. Bars everywhere. This is a well known fact in my house, evidenced through my random findings of them. Sometimes I put them in my purse in case I need a snack randomly or put them in the fridge (yum!) and forget about them.
10. I know I say how much I love the fall and winter (which I still do), but at the moment, I am really missing summer. Sun, swimming, color...ahh. The life.

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